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E6 - LT-Lithuania - OnlineHE Multiplier event in Lithuania

E6 - LT-Lithuania - OnlineHE Multiplier event in Lithuania

A Multiplier Event will take place in Lithuania in order to familiarize key stakeholders with the key aims and objectives of the project and to present the outcomes of the OnlineHE project. The Multiplier event aims to actively engage and motivate the target groups and relevant stakeholders to use the outputs of the project. At least 30 participants including HE staff, academics, instructors, stakeholders, adult trainers, public authorities’, policy makers of the Higher Education, learning designers, and university support staff in general will be invited to participate in this event. During the event partners will promote the engagement of the target groups with the resources developed, and through a series of demonstrations they will present in detail the basic deliverables of the project: the OnlineHE Toolkit, the Train-the-Trainer workshop, the online MOOC with HE institutions, and the policy and practice recommendations report and the e-learning readiness checklist. Furthermore, lessons learn from the implementations will be presented and discussed with the participants. The project’s digital platform will act as a reference point for the project’s outputs and participants will be prompted to use it for their personal and professional development and also act as potential promoters and multipliers.

A preliminary structure of the multiplier event can be as follows:

- Presentation of the OnlineHE project

- OnlineHE Toolkit in practice: An Overview

- Presentations of best practices of online use by HED institutions

- Navigation and familiarisation to the e-learning environment showcasing the tools/ OERs/modules that are part of it

- Overview of the training implementations in each partner country

- Discussion

- Best practices, policy and practice recommendations

- E-learning readiness checklist, Conclusions and Reflections.

By the end of the event participants will fill an evaluation form that will include both open-ended and close-ended questions about the results of the project and the multiplier event. The results will then be analysed so as to allow project partners to have an overview of the issues raised that will be placed under evaluation and for reference for future improvements.

The University of Vilnius will be responsible for planning and implementing the OnlineHE Multiplier event in the Lithuania.